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Fender hotrod Amp drive sound in a pedal?

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Is there a drive pedal that gets near the fender hot rod amp drive sound?

For example, the song "Warning Sign" is a particularly good example of this sound (8th Track on Coldplay's 2nd Album 'Rush of Blood to the Head' & also many other of Coldplay's tracks). I mention this cause the Hot Rod sound is more frequently used in the mainstream by Indie Band sound than a 'classic' blues sound.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Many thanks


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there's a whole bunch of pedals (by Boss, I think) which purport to replicate the sounds of various Fender amps (bassman, tweed, etc) but I dunno if the hotrod's among them. you could try googling that though, and see what it throws up. Unfortunately, I've not tried any of them, so I can't comment on their quality.


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Here's what I come up with dong a google on Coldplay gear. Not sure which pedal's doing it though.


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They are probably using the clean channel of those DeVilles. It is true, the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and DeVille amps have a great clean channel. But the Drive channel has never been popular.

I have heard Coldplay, it is probably the Proco "Rat" pedal you really want. They are great pedals and have been popular since the 70's. The 70's and early 80's models are considered the best and highly sought after. But the modern versions are very good. I would go down to a local music store and see if they carry the Rat. Try it through the clean channel of an amp similar to yours. This is probably the tone you are after, they do have a fantastic distortion.

Here are some samples of the modern Rat on YouTube.

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