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racks and multi-effects

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Ok I'm a little confused. I really need some clarification on the whole rack n multi-fx thing. I been looking to get a rack mounted multi-fx unit so that I can lose a few floor pedals, and for the extra flexibility a rack has compared with your average pedal. I'm talking just effects hear - delay, chorus, comp etc. not distortion - I'm more than happy with my Laney LC30-II distortion. :P

First off - Would I actually be better off getting a rack multi-fx, rather than a decent multi-fx floor unit like the Boss GT-8 (I think thats the one)??

Second, say I were to buy the TC-Electronic G-Major
So I have just the G-Major and my amp - What else would I need to buy to get me up n running and howwhere does it connect?

Also, I assume such a unit would not color my tone in any discernable way, and I'd be able to use my clean n distortioned amp channels as before?

EDIT: Oh, one more thing. Anyone have any suggestionsrecommendations on affordable units? What this Behringer like ?? Bear in mind im on a bit of a budget.

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TC Electronics is popular with some folks at the steel guitar forum, if I remember.
I think a foot controller of some sort would be needed with a rack mount.
and probably the volume or expression pedal.
all of a sudden there is more stuff on the floor. just what you want to get away from.

Berhinger is lower end stuff. some folks really poopoo them. I don't know. I have their monitors and I've got no complaints.

alot of companies claim true bypass. I like the honest ones, like when I read the manual for a J station. they say right out its not true bypass and it will color the sound.

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I am sure that unit is great, TC Electronics has a great reputation. If you are going to use it as a straight rack system, setup should be pretty easy Guitar--> G-Major rack unit---> Amp. You would make changes by using the controls on the unit itself, or the G Minor footswitch. See the 2nd movie below.

I read a little on that page and it said you can also use any conventional MIDI board with the G Major. So with a MIDI board you could assign certain presets on the G-Major to one of the footswitches on the MIDI board. Behringer makes a MIDI board that has a good reputation and gets good reviews.

They also seem to also offer optional pedals (the V1 and X1) designed to go along with the G Major.

They have two movies at that site, this would be more helpful than anything I could tell you. v"> v">

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If you want effects and rack, grab a Boss GT Pro. It's the 8 in 19". The TC G-major is okay but nothing special, somewhat old, and the lower-end of TCE. I personally use the GT8 then the pro because it's cheaper but see for yourself.