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Great lesson and a lot of fun.  Who wouldn't want to sound a wee bit like Keith Richards?  I'm having a problem with Riff 3.  I can barre the fret board, but to barre and finger two other notes creates plunks on the barred portion.  I've practiced this until my wife ran me off and our Great Dane is starting to growl.  It's probably just a physical practice, practice, practice thing, but I was curious if someone out there has any tips for me.  Thanks.

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What lesson are you talking about?  Riff 3??

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That's lesson #10, if I recall...

Who needs a number anyway? Here's the URL:

Hi Plywood - we're kind of trying to keep a narrow focus on this particular page as far as which lessons we're covering. But I've got a hunch that's going to change before long. Keep an eye out on the "welcome" thread of this page for details. In the meantime, I'd be more than happy to email you some advice if you'd like.


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