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[Sticky] Please Read Before Posting -- Special Guidelines

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There are special guidelines for posting on the Lessons Forum: This forum is dedicated to discussing the lessons posted in Easy Songs for Beginners or in Songs for Intermediates.

Posters must follow these guidelines:
1. All posts must name the song in the subject line. Posts that do not have a song as a subject line will be moved.
2. Before starting a discussion of a lesson, please check the threads that have already been posted to see if a thread on that lesson exists. Duplicate posts on a lesson will be removed. (You can try using the search function on the lessons page to locate a thread. It's not foolproof but it's very reliable.)
3. All threads must be open to a general discussion of the song. Threads that pertain to a specific aspect of a song will be deleted. For example, a thread on "Heart of Gold" is permissible, but a thread that says "Hammer-ons in Heart of Gold" is not. These specific threads will be moved to the Beginners' Forum.

Why is this? Because we want a board where users can easily and quickly access a discussion of a song. If threads start to become more specific, the board will quickly become cluttered and ultimately less useful to someone seeking advice on a particular lesson. We went to keep all the questions on any one particular lesson in one place.
4. Questions that pertain more generally to technique or theory or styles should be posted in the Beginners' Forum or the Theory Forum, not here. And with that, you are free to post and initiate threads.

P.S.By the way, from time to time one of the moderators might introduce a different lesson topic for a change of pace, as David did, for example, when he started the basic theory thread. If you have a request for a thread on a "non-song" lesson, PM David or myself.

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