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Beatles adaptation (feedback please)

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I was screamin' at a rock pleadingly
It's bonejuice scrunched flogged tired dopamine.

backward starfish hunt elk vitamins
They ate cerebellum diagonal monkey sins

Magic metal mauled Jackie's lover
Double title iced halfdome's brother

Man with the catcher escorts to deaths door
Paul just bluffed but Johnny got 4

The pope was a muppet and Reagan was a robot
The pooh bear pillaged Nixon's honeypot.

Round room Billy stuffed tobacco dong
sewed wet fabric and spit forked sing song

Shrubbery squeezed sphere squirt petrol
Saladin's sand sucked uranium and flesh oil

Mayors never sizzle pearls in DC.
Red scaled mourners reap sunshine greentree

Sacrifice fly Al and Mo's men on the base scored
Yankee jumper prongs melted to the mother board

A Bellyflop slide between corners skewed 18
Another blip blanked and dug keystone scenery

It's showtime eternal for Charlie Browned John Q
electroded veggie gave roots to the kangaroo

That was yesterday,
Crunching chords for mental therapy,
Dead skin and blood on fretboard tapestry.
I mourn for yesterday.

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sounds like stuff i saw when i was a kid and did stupid things! cool, really good. (I probably should listen to the beatles tune again to get the melodies, but anyway). Lyrics are good (even if i don't understand some of them...)

like homer said though... 'lisa, songs don't have to make sense, like "shamma-lanaga-ding-dong" or "give peace a chance". So, even though some of it doesn't make sense to me (only small parts), it's all good (that was my point)

hoo roo


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I like it alot. Keep up the good work!

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