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20/04/2008 11:52 pm  

Hey guys,
I've been playing Guitar and learning to sing since Christmas, and I've written a couple of my own songs and thrown together a rough recording of a couple of them and set them up on a website, take a look if you want, I would appreciate some feedback/constructive criticism about any/all aspects.

The link is here:

Thanks in advanced :).


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21/04/2008 8:44 pm  


You must be a fast learner if you have only been playing for four months.
Your guitar playing is very smooth and you have a pleasant voice.

I like Running From You the best although you may want to back off the mic a
little when recording.

Another Silent Conversation and Stop and Listen are both good but parts sound quite
similar to me. That's not a big deal I'm sure as you learn more your music will vary more.

Looking forward to more


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22/04/2008 11:14 am  

Thanks a lot, and thanks for the advice, listening to it again I think your right... I guess thinks like Mic technique come with with time.

And I also agree that some of the songs sound similiar, think this is where I need to improve, but I guess as I learn more about playing the more varied it will get.

But I'm glad you enjoyed them and thanks for the input :).


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