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Hard liquor

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Here's some lyrics I came up with.
If anyone puts a tune to this I would love to hear it.
I have the melody in my head, so I just need to be able to get the guitar to play it.
And that's why I'm learning to play the guitar. Someday . . . . (sigh)

My inspiration was listening to a song in the Hear Here forum last night (It drove me to drink)

Hard Liquor

I'm not one to drink hard liquor
But I think I'm going to start
I'm hoping hard liquor will numb
The pain of this fractured heart

I usually don't drink hard liquor
Normally I would have some beers
(But) That's not going to be strong enough
To keep me from showing my tears

So pour me a drink bartender
And this time make it a double
By now I guess you've heard
That Jill and I are no longer a couple

I don't know why she left me
I begged her to please stay
I told her I would stop drinking
And I do plan to stop some day

Meanwhile, pour me another
Bartender, you're my best friend
I know you won't leave me for drinking
But this drinking some day must end.

My brother thought it should have a chorus
He suggested this:

Planes are named after women
I named my car after a gal
the longer I go thru life
seems liquor's my only pal

It's the rock that gives the stream its music . . . and the stream that gives the rock its roll.

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Please don't post the same thread in multiple forums.


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