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i wrote this songs and im inspired frrom LINKIN PARK,EVANESCENCE,THE RASMUS
and i really like anime and japanese rpg games

1-Fallen Warrior
NOTE: this will either be cancelled or replace another song coz i did the same topics too much

what have been done to my life
black thoughts keep haunting me
theres something i cant revive
something lost maybe never meant to be
i never want to fall everytime
this doesnt seem to be a dream
i wont let you make me cry
im a warrior with nothing to fear
or is that just a lie?

i cant save myself anymore
im not gettin any help anymore
is there anything good inside of me
something to give and redeem my life back
this is not how im supposed to live
everything in my chest cant be carried away
no one helps me they just watch my mistakes

get out of my (HEAD)
kill everything that give me (PAIN)
happiness have become so (RARE)
darkness have become a part of (ME)
i wont let you see my (END)

lock me in your dungean
i wont try to break out from there
hide me in the forest
nobody will come and take me away
you cant stop me from failing
this is one thing i dont wanna share
ill vaporize ill end this up just tell me how

Note:Hopefuly Bridge 3 will be performed by an MC for the first line and scream for the second
*Status:Ready;i fear that it might be similar to OWA so i hope the performance will be a bit aggressive


i cant stop thinking about that day
that my eyes got stunned from your sight
all you do hurt me with your angelic eyes
and mine just wanna go on and cry

when i hardly sleep i dream about you at night
but when i wake up i dont wanna remember your not mine
you gave me a reason to live but u gave me a reason to die
its like a hound chasing me and about to bite

Your a theif who stole my mind
wont you turn yourself in
your a fighter who defeated me in a battle of fate
ahen will you meet your match
your an assasin who hunted down all the butterflies
when will YOU be the target
your an explorer who discovered every single flaw in me
didnt you have the time too see anything good in me

what am i suppoded to do
if my mind keeps screaming out for you
your the only thing in my head
sometimes i wonder if your blood red
are you really the one ive been waiting for?
or is my heart lying from its core?

3-Not Alone
Note: i worked on this one just once so any improvements touches will be useful
*Status:Considered Ready but might get improved later

if it was my mistake,am sorry
if it was your mistake,i forgive you
if it was just faith theres nothin to do
if it was the devil's will i know that I will get through

i was walking in town i dodnt want to stay at home and cry
i saw that old cafe at the end of the street
there were a guy and a girl drinking a cup of tea
i didnt feel jealous i just felt they're sharing lie

i dont need anyone anymore i can go on on my own
coz now ive become so strong,no one can ever break my bones
dont you say its over for me,the end is not even close
dont you say im alone,thats a line you cant cross

im not alone
your not with me,but your memory gives me company
im not alone
your not as cruel as i thought your just confused
im not alone
i go to sleep and you take me to the top of the world
im not alone
i just feel so empty since you have gone
im not alone,no im not alone

4-One-winged Angel

THE MC is a part of the chorus
the echoes and whispers and MC will be performed by a secondary vocalist

*Status:Ready;but it could use some rearrangments in the bridges and
for the chorus lines to be a bit shorter
i saw u today,in the same old dream
but i want my life to be fake,and for you to be real
i get hurt over and over again,but theres no one to blame
all i wanna do is get over this pain,but you keep haunting me

either be with me,or just get out of my head
these days feel so cold,and am chillin to ma bones
the sun have gone,and theres nothin to give me joy
you made a whole in my heart,where all the monsters crawl

i cant get rid of the pain,its like a dagger stabbed in my brain
i am trapped in hell,wont u come set me free
i got a way to stop this pain,but it might be a crazy mistake
and now im lost in woods,find me before the devils do

i hear the fire burning all of my dreams (whipser:i do nuth about it)
i hear the rain drowning all of my hopes
i hear the winter freezing my soul (Whisper:i still do nuthin about it)
cant you hear the meteors crashing down on my home
and now i feel like a one-winged angel
(3rd time chorus:add:Without you i will always feel like a one-winged angel,echo: a one-winged angel)

i wanna be with you
for a second or two
i want u to be with me for real
not just in my dreams
i am lost in the sea
and theres no shore i can see
but your ghost keeps tearing me apart
like a demonic shark

i try to tell myself your not worth it
but deep inside i know that you ARE
they told you that i seem so hopeless
but i want you to break away and come to me
i guess ill continue my journey broken
coz without you ill always feel like a one-winged angel

5-Armless Gunner
Status: IN PROGRESS; this seems to be my favourite coz i inspired
my words from anime but i might change some if it became too unserious
ive always tried to do the right steps
maybe for once i can stop myself of losing all my battles
i never stopped,i filled my head with hopes to be strong
there is no chance why should i try if ill be defeated again and again
they never try to kill me they just want me to lose the same way

hope for me is a flame under the rain
then why should i even try to use my brain
if they find a chance to hurt me you rush like insane
this foolish battle is gettin real lame
deep inside i say i should try
but in this fight nothin seems to be right

shake me take me break me
you can never heal me
freak me throw me kill me
you can never end me

let the tears come down on my scarred soul
the wound is too fatal to be healed
there is no chance to be free
i dont have a hope anymore
there wont be a morning again
i can feel it hurt
i do nothing about it

6-The Devil Inside
*STATUS:READY; could use some touches here and there

they just treat you like junk
as if u you were if u were a worm on the ground
dont u act like a monk
thats not the way to be free

cant you see you've become such loser
do you think there will be another morning again
everybody around you is evil and cruel
wont you unleash your rage it will cure your pain

should i ignore it and forget about it
or can i fight it back and destroy it
am i the failure who everybody can shake
or am i just saving my strenght to unleash the limit break

i wont take any of this anymore
i wont be mistreated nomore
you will regret all things you have done
coz you stole the person i used to be
so am gonna have to make you see
how powerful the devil inside can be
7-Who I Really Am
Note:this is an attempt to make a song about lonliness
*Status:Ready;but i might change the first line in both part1 and part3
i have seen myself in a high palace in middle of the sea
i thought that i was so high and strong and no one can beat
but i have seen myself feeling so alone
so disconnected from the other souls

but i cant runaway anymore
coz they always find me and throw me back on the floor
where theres no one but me and myself
thinking if all of this can get any worse

come set me free i wanna fly like a crow to look for my sanctuary
i cant stay here any longer i wanna smash this place
tear it apart and never look back at the hell that i made

i cant run from myself for a longer time
everytime i have tried i got so petrified
come look for me in the middle of the sea
dreaming about a place that have all my needs
but now i see who i really am
nothing more than a lonely man

8-With Me

*status:STILL IN PROGRESS;later i will make it longer and rearrange everything
i entered the apartment to find a note on the desk
you said in it that you left me for someone else
the silence is broken you told me the truth
i never thought in a single moment you would be just a lie
but i swear i wont just understand like a fool

the game is over it was just a cheat to lose
you got me crazy when i trusted what you said
waiting in the shadows to stab my back
your not walking away i dont allow you to run away

i used to think youll always be there where i need
but now i know that you werent even near
you live in a garden with black tears on the trees
and i enjoyed every single feeling you gave
now you wanna took it away from me

i was shocked i wanted to electrefy you with me
im breaking up ill break you with me
im going insane youll go mad with me
im going down i swear ill take you with me


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my first bit of advice would be dont post so many songs in a single post... makes it too hard for people to collect there thoughts on any one song, so often you dont get any responses.
in future try posting one song, waiting a couple of days to see what sort of feedback you get, give feed back on other peoples work, and then post another...
anyways, my thoughts on your first one, fallen warrior, well i can hear this being performed by the bands you list as influences, which is a good thing, it seems very much in their mould.
i never want to fall everytime
this line is a little confusing... i get what it means, its just an odd turn of phrase... hm... i would leave it in there actually, i think its interesting.
i found the rhythm of the song odd in places. try singing it while tapping your foot to a beat, and see if you stumble over any lines...
your off to a good start here, look forward to seeing more of your stuff.
good writing

currently number 60 in total posts... and shooting for number 1!!