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Leaving Early (c) of Stephanie Jones 2005.

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Okay. Two of mates -sorry. One of my mate's and one of my ex-mates are alway's talking about suicide and i've done a feature article about Teenage suicide and Drugs for my english project. So, before, I made 'Lady Mud and Mary Jane' (Song about the effect's of drugs) and so, I desided to make a song about suicide ('Leaving Early'). Not many know this but 1 third of death's every year is due to suicide and really, it's quite sad when you think about it. So, here we are, 'Leaving Early' (Note, this is a kinda punky song, and well, punky music)

Leaving Early:

To every body I know that I've given love.
To every body that I've fought.
To every body I know, up above,
To every body, who are burnt into thoughts.
This is letter I'm writing to you,
This letter will say why I'm going.
You can say that I'm through,
Or you can say, it's my pride showing

There's no time to say goodbye.
There's no time to weep or cry.
My soul is bleeding
My soul is pleading
My soul can't stand to fight.
So I writing to tell you I'm leaving early, tonight.

No need to be confused,
If you thought I was grand.
My heart was a burning fuse,
That I had put out with my mind and hand.
Now I'm covered in blood,
And I can't see ahead.
My name, to all, was mud,
I did this because of what they said.


Give that knife,
Give my gun.
I'm ending my life,
I've had no fun.
Just try to understand,
What they did to me.
Just to listen to my command,
I'm doing this so I can flee.

My soul is bleeding,
All over your clothes.
My soul is pleading,
Yet no body knows

-Chorus x2-

Jake Gyllenhaal/my oh my/your so cute/you make me sigh! I <3 JAKE!

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My heart was a burning fuse,
That I had put out with my mind and handFavorite line of the song for me. Good writing. G. :)

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great song
desperate need of the suicide victim
was captured in your words