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Poetry To Songs

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Poetry to Songs

How would I turn this into a song

Tangled Tangled Mind OF Woe
Never See's The garden grow
For Eyes That Worry Far Away
See Not The love thats here today

Peaceful peaceful mind at ease
See's the forest and the trees
For eyes that see what is there
can see who does & does not care

Powerful powerfull mind of thought
Always remembers what its taught
For eyes that read and understand
Will always be in great demand

Caring Caring Mind OF love
Comes with grace frim God Above
For eyes that feel the holy ghost
Will be there whne you need them most


Should I put a chorus between the 2nd & 3rd verse???

Just need some help getting started!!

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You can add a chorus if you want to. Since its an aabb rhyme scheme id say your best bet is something simple not too off from 1-4-5 the whole way through. Its written simply the way old folk songs are so you could look at some other songs with the same rhyme scheme like hmm... bob dylan shelter from the storm is a good one. Since the rhyme scheme never changes it generally speaking doesnt suggest a lot of musical movement.

and just in case by 1-4-5 i mean for example in C = C-F-G

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find the way you would like to sing it, and wrap the music around the vocals.