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I was curious, what songwriter do you imitate/greatly admire? Who has the same quality of writing that you would like to have in your lyrics?

I would have to say i closely follow what John Lennon had to say. even though he came up with sugary pop songs to begin with, he grew into an introspective writer I would like to be someday.
And I'd like to have Don McClean's melody-writing talent. Nothing too showy or "ooh! ooh! look at me!" but it definately adds to his lyrics. I always have something of his floating through my head.

share your inspirers if you wish  :)

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From a lyrical standpoint, I find who writes SR-71s songs to be a master at wordplay, idioms, and connotations.  But that kind of intellectual subtlety appeals to me.

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warren zevon, bruce springsteen, tom petty, bob dylan, lou reed, frank zappa...

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I like the Kurt Cobain writting style ( who don't)  ;D ;D

I love the Noel Gallaguer songs, and I hope to write at least a couple of good songs like theirs

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I find that among the best are:

-Greg Lake (King Crimson (original), Emerson, Lake &
-Joe Jackson
-Paul McCartney
-David Bowie
-Lou Reed
-Nick Barrett (Pendragon)
-Steve Hackett (Genesis)
-Peter Gabriel

I love the way all these songwriters manage to capture emotion, wordplay, quality music, tempo and movement changes, subtleties, etc.

And in a strange category:

-Bob Dylan
-Bruce Springsteen
-John Lennon

I don't like them when they play their music, but I love when someone else does. I mean that I admire their talent as writers, but not as players. Strange but there you go...

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jimmy page! hehe, he had a guitar orchstrated army!

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REM share out the credits for their songs, so whoever writes their words gets my vote.

Alanis Morissette really does it for me too.


A :-)

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I din't like it at first, but I don't think any modern music has grown on me more than the white stripes, when I learned "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground", everything I made up sounded like it.
my favorite classic artist will always be Neil Young though

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Townes Van Zandt is all you need.

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Lyrical wise?
I'd go for someone like Tilo Wolff, but not write in german...;)
Kurt Cobain has some good writing..
maybe a band like Wolfsheim...i like their lyrics, don't ask me why..

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Charlie Daniels is a 'Word Smith'.

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Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh and Rich Williams(KANSAS)
Dennis DeYoung, Tommy Shaw and James Young(Styx)
Freddie Mercury(Queen) and Last but not Least Neil Young

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Jeff Buckley has to be the man that has influenced me the most. When i first heard his music, it was like nothing i have ever heard before. His voice (apparently can range four octaves!!!) was completely mesmerising, and i frequently try to imitate, his incredible guitar playing. I think the thing that makes him stand out, is that he can play, so many diffferent styles so well. He truely was something different, i havnt heard anything like it since.

If you havnt heard him i strongly recommend it, its a shame he lived such a short life......

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It all depends on what you're into.. such as being into emotional stuff. There is a whole genre dedicated to emotional music. I think Brandon Boyd of Incubus is a great songwriter lyrically...John Lennon is a good writer as well, but he scares me sometimes.... If you're into hardcore, Christian of Blindside is a good writer... It all depends I guess...

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pity jeff buckley didnt get a chance to write more songs, just the one album... and i think his voice ranged more than 5 octaves actually... which is even more ludicrous...

lyrically, lately i really liked morrissey/smiths stuff... its strikes me as really clever/witty stuff, when hes at his best (last night i dreamt, i know its over)...

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