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Just to let you know i have tried and tried to write songs but they never come out quite right but here is the first one that i have kind of liked.

A child who knows little about the world
A man whose mind limits the things he could
and A boy without a name

Who, I dare not ask
Who, I might be wrong
Who, It might be me

A brother who does not care about the other
A son who has no respect for the mother
and A boy without a name

A friend who tells the secrets of those that trust
A lover who has no spirit, full of lust
and A boy without name

There is no emotion but everyone is crying
No path to follow but everyone is running

Well it is not much and some may not see how the bridge fits but it kind of does is an odd sort of way.


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Hey it was an excellent song. Full of meaning. It was very creative and left lots of room to expand the listeners' imagination. It was hard to tell what feeling the song was trying to express. whether it was hate, anger, loneliness, sadness, whatever. I recomend that you should put in a small different bridge expressing the feeling. Or I may be wrong and the way it is sang expresses the emotion fully.

Great song.

P.S. Please look at some of my songs and give me your feedback.
Fight to end all fights-pierson
Only Road-pierson

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How is not really fitting in to the "box"? or even better not being where i want to be?

Thanks for the input.

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