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Am i too old to sta...
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Am i too old to start now?

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no, it wasn't any of those but they're good too.

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my pop ( grand father ) used to say " Noah was 365 years old when God asked him to build an Ark , so it just goes to show your never too old to learn .

My advise is do it and do it now other wise you will rue your decision for the rest of your life



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I'm now a bloody senior member

Are you people trying to tell me I'm old or what ?

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I am 56 and learning how to play. It's all in the mind. Self gratification is the rule.


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Hey Im 45, I just started playing about a year ago, Im in to speed metal, and Im lovin it!!! Your never too old unless you really thnk you are!!!

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Once again, I shall refer readers to Sausage-Fingered Mick, who could stop three strings with a single digit - he started playing guitar at the tender age of 62, after singing in bands for 40 years. Nuff said, methinks.

A :-)

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dude just keep working and play in your spare time and play in a local band that plays in local places

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Shelli, I'll be 61 next month and can't play a lick,,YET. I have an acustic guitar I bought in the late 60's but never learned to play. Now am looking at Retirement career in about 5 years. I intend to learn to play and sing well and have my own cover band. If we are never more than just local I will have attained my dream. I beleive you are never To Old , till they put you in the ground. Believe in yourself and it will happen! Good Luck Shady

Never 2 old 2 try something new !!!!!! Shady

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i'm 23 now and starting to play this august with teacher, am i to old? i dontthink so i can be playing good when i'm 25 years old i figure not to old to join band and get known is it

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Think about Warren Zevon. Enjoy every sandwich.

Play as long as you draw breath. Start now.

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Cmon , you are ONLY 32.And you think you are old.That is seriously gross.You can never be old for music. :P :P

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Are there any jobs where you dont have to travel,where you dont have to live in a huge city,where you dont have to be young and fresh out of college?? I dont even know what i want to do,as long as its in music. I can sing pretty good but i dont want to be famous,i just want to work behind the scenes,maybe do some backup singing somewhere along the line,but i'm sure thats out of the question because of my age and unwillingness to travel. Anyone have any advice for me?

Shelly is probably long gone, judging by the date of the post. But the realistic answer is "No, there aren't any jobs like that in your area".

It's not your age, that's nothing. It's all the other restrictions you have in your situation You don't want to travel, yet you say there's pretty much no music scene where you live. And you sound very tentative about the whole thing. Sounds like the end of the story really.

Of course there are jobs in all industries where people work from home, or from a distance, or part time in various ways. But they usually go to people who already have the contacts and the experience, and who scale back involvement that they have already established.

The most telling thing though is that you obviously already have an expectation that the answer is going to be "No". If you can't change that you reduce your chances from slim to zero.

The people who got the jobs didn't say "Is there a chance I can I do this? Do you think perhaps I could I do that?" they said "Where do I get the skills/tools to do this? Who do I need to see to do that?"

I'm sure that there are music connected jobs that could be done in your area - or any area - by somebody with the right amount of drive and initiative. You'd need confidence and contacts though. But mostly confidence. Contacts you can get if you've got the confidence. No confidence? Unfortunately you shut the door in your own face before you even start.

Hit the phones for a while, ring all the colleges you can find who offer courses. Ask them where their grads get employment. Ring prospective employers - anywhere - and try and get a feel for what their employees do. Pound the pavement a bit. Make yourself an expert on all the aspects of the music industry and see if you can spot a niche you could fill. Then do some study to acquire the skills. By the end of that exercise you should have markedly improved the confidence aspect.

Too hard? Then learn to love the life you have, and keep your love of music alive in other ways.

Good luck. :)


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I'm addingto a post that started two years ago.

okay, 32 is not too old. I have the advantage of living in NY and am 31. But I intend to pursue a career in music as a performer. Now, my advantage is that I'm not interested in rock-rap or punk. I'm into traditional folk and blues songs, which to me, it seems as if being older is actually an advantage not a disadvantage. I don't intend on becoming a jack johnson or anything like that, I' more leaning towards Dave Van Ronk and Townes Van Zandt. The point is, that no, you're not too old to either perform or to work in music on the tech side either. Good luck

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I am 47 and would love to have a song writing career.......(did i say that out loud?).....Starting playing a couple years ago then stopped. At 47 started again.

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you're never too old to learn or try something new, as far as "making it big" goes it depends on your definition, and what you aspire to be/do (do be do be do).
i think that success in any field is more about determination, people give up or quit trying more because of a lack of will power than anything else.

if you want it bad enough, it will, go make it happen.


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I started at age 41 ..

Am I too old ? NO WAY ....

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