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behringer wah pedal

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Anybody out there tried the behringer hellbabe wah pedal

thinking about it but it's not in stock here yet?

on a budget so the jd wah is a touch pricey.

Thanks for any input

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i haven't tried it, but the Morley Bad Horsie 2 (Steve Vai sig. model) is only $130 and it's the best sounding wah ever...for me, anyways.

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I tried the Behringer and got rid of it. The Wah function was fine as was the general construction (although the housing is plastic), but what I couldn't get past, was the on/off switch. Unlike most wahs, which have a separate DPDT switch, under the pedal, the Behringer switches on & off by rocking the pedal past the "bass" position (the "Wuh" part of the Wah sound). This is OK, if you can concentrate on not taking the pedal too far. If not, you get the "clean", trebly sound changing over the pedal sweep to the "bassy" sound, which, if you are not careful, suddenly (very suddenly - it's a switch) changes back to the "clean" sound, almost like a hiccup. The mistake was putting the switch at that end of the sweep - in the instructions, that came with the Behringer, there was a DPDT switch pictured, so it must have been a fairly late change. I couldn't get past that, but there was nothing wrong with the rest of it.

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