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buying a guitar

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I am looking for an acoustic guitar <$400. I have kinda small hands. Main concern for me is a thin neck. I run into problems accidently deadning the B note with my middle finger while playing open G chord, have trouble grabbing the F note with my thump while playing F chord, etc
I can play clean, but I feel so much tension can't be good. Played some alvarez guitars that were really nice. Any other suggestions.

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seagul, art and luthier and simon and patrick are all nice choices when it comes to accoustic and they are well priced(they're all actually the same company) for the thin neck, in my very small ammount of accoustic guitar observation, I've noticed that Yamaha's have thin necks...but again I could easily be wrong about that.

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Its a few dollars more unless you can find a sale, but look at this one.

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the thinnest acoustic neck i have come across have been on my wasburn. i have an older yamaha and it has a neck like a ball bat compared to my washburn.

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I read on harmonycentral that some of the epiphones have thin necks, so you might want to check that out.