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Damm I've out smart...
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Damm I've out smarted myself.....

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Blake, I don't really get it. If that amp does that, why do you want a tele? Or was that just a selling technique you used?

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Hey Guys,
Thanks for all the
Taso it was a selling point to get a "Behringer V-Amp" not an amp
I like the idea of a cruise but a Carribean or Alaskan cruise from Sydney Australia is a bit pricey.... Maybe a houseboat on the Hawksbury river could do it. Shes not a jewelry kind of girl and if I took flowers she would suspect something... lol

And if I bought a kitchen appliance she would hit me over the head with it.. she says (and I hartily agree) Christmas, birthdays and anniversarys are times to spoil us and we should buy some personal present, anything to do with houshold items can be purchased anytime...

Thanks again

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Looking for people to jam with in Sydney Oz.......

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Dagwood would never work with my wife.

She's honestly jeallous of the time I spend with my guitars. "Things" don't do it for her, she wants the time with me.

That's why I say cruise. A nice solid 10 days of doing nothing but paying attention to her and she'll give you a pass on a small guitar purchase.

Dude, sounds like we are married to the same woman. Don't get me wrong, I like it that she wants to spend time with me, for sure. Also I have found that if I put together a song that she really likes every once in a while, it buys some more guitar time, too.
You could buy "His & Hers" Tele's.

Give here the "Hers" Tele for her birthday, along with a voucher for some lessons.

I've tried that approach before. My wife can't carry a tune in a bucket, and has no desire to try.

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Adopt a very stupid and sheepish grin. Tell your wife that have been the victim of the salesman's guile - you actually believed that the V-Amp could reproduce all those sounds. Now, with the wisdom of hindsight you see how naive you were to believe the sales pitch. You really thought that the V-Amp was giving you the Tele sound, until you sat down and played one. Since then, you can't get it out of your mind how cheated (and frustrated) you feel.

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