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Do I have an illness?

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My opinion is that unless you are a collector, you only really need multiple guitars if you are going for multpile tones, tunings, or uses. Example, an LP can't sound like a tele, vice versa. I've owned 3 guitars in 5 years of playing, not including one I borrowed for about 7 months. I'm planning on getting two more and maybe selling one once I get a better paying job; a tele for country, and a cheaper strat or schecter to boost the action, slap on some 13s and use for slide. I'll use my Carvin for DADGAD or another open tuning. Then maybe a strat, or LP .....or both...hmmm........

Eh screw it, buy as many as you want. You only go around once :D

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Right! :twisted:

-=- Steve

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I like to try them out. I've had a bunch of LP knock-offs of different brands, but they all never seemed "right". I don't want to drop $1500 on a Gibson, but I fear that's what I'm holding out for. I want to try a Carvin, a PRS, and a Gibby LP... but not at thoe prices just yet...

OK, so we've identified what you're goal is ... to find an awesome guitar at a low price.
There are some hidden gems that for some reason or another aren't high priced.
What do you look for?

Here are some strategies.
Look for the top of the line models in labels that are known for really cheap guitars.
Have an eye for quality - can you identify an awesome neck on a cheap body (that's a VERY hard question)?
On an acoustic, a bound neck often indicates higher-quality, although not always.
There are many lesser-known hand-made labels that are out of business that made great guitars.

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