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Home practice area - what does yours look like?

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Thanks for posting, Kent. :)

I liked the amp on the cat nest early on. Kitty never stood a chance....

Notice how some of them look like cable hell? Yikes! I've got some I bash many times a day, and that's after putting them in better spots. I actually broke the plastic support out of a USB connection the other day. It still works, though. I st it back in and plugged the cable in. No problems. :roll:

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I see some really neat rooms.....keep the pictures coming! :)

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my bedroom

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This is an interesting thread to me cause just this weekend I started working on my room. Its large enough to keep a full band going, maybe 6 people, comfortably.

One wall is paneling. the other three are white right now. The floors are wood. Unfortunately, the lights are florescent.

Trying to think of something really creative and lively to do with my walls. I want it to be a place where I WANT to go and play guitar.

I'll update and post pics when I get it completed.


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