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Line 6 guitar

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I've got a Line 6 guitar and I have to say, it's one of the best guitars i've ever played. The guitar in itself has a really great feel and the sunburst model is good looking, kinda' bluesy or something.

But anyway, has any of you guys ever tried the software and the guitar port you can buy to it, is it any good?

Thanks for any opinon

P.S. I know it's a bit of cheat but before you've tried the guitar you can' bring it down. But I guess as with every person every guitar is personal

peace in our time

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Check out my post here: .

One of the kind members here just gave me his Guitar port and I LOVE it!! It has to be the coolest thing since popsicles!!

Its very easy to set up and has the coolest effects...

Well worth the price as far as I am concerned...

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thanks, I've checked it out...
but there's an even cooler thing that you can get to the Variax Line 6 guitar where you can build your own custom guitars (if you want to know what it sounds like with singel coil micks on a les paul body, and you can rasie/lower the micks and change the angles etc etc etc. It looks cool does anyone know if it's good?

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Check out the new Variax workbench software - endless possibilities and combinations, like a Les Paul with lipstick pickups and so on.

It's reviewed in this month's Total Guitar magazine


A :-)

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Which model did you get? I recall their first ones had necks that weren't too poppular. Heard that the newer ones are much better. Definately get the Workbench software. It'll turn the Variax into ANY guitar you want it to be. 8)

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