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Must be birthday ti...
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Must be birthday time everywhere!

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Hi all,

My birthday stuff is sluightly different, I was given £2100 (plus a 21 yr old glenfiddich and 21 yr old port... nice)... guess which birthday it was? heh... anyway, im debating what to use it for. I'm thinking save £1000... spend the rest on fun stuff, among which is guitar stuff. Should i get a load of lessons, or should i buy a new axe or both? im into rock/metal mainly..... so im thinking maybe a new ibanez or something. Also, having just been to see Dragonforce at the Astoria london.... man I must practice and become that.... they were ridiculous, men should not play like that!

any advice on how to spend my new found riches much appreciated!


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I am surprised how can one get so much at a birthday present.

I wish i could be a parent like yours !

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any advice on how to spend my new found riches much appreciated!

Cheque payable to Alan Green - I'll send you my snailmail addy LOL

Time to lock your self in your local guitarshop with a packed lunch and a thermos and play everything they've got on every amp they've got through every pedal they've got. Then decide.

Must be nice to be 21 - still, I can wait. Ahem.


A :-)

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Happy Birthday that's great!! I was away in the Army on my 21st. Don't remember that one very well.. (scratches head) :roll:

Mine is in May and I'm lusting over the new KOA Strats...

Hmm so if everyone sent me $1.00 just a buck I might be able to scratch together enough for one.. Tee-Hee.... just kidding.

Yeah I like Alan's thought, find a guitar store, camp out all day playing EVERYTHING!! That would be fun.

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Happy 21st!! I agree with Alan's suggestion, (the one about camping out at a guitar store & playing everything!), You'll be sure to find one you like. If you go for lessons, make sure the teacher is willing, (and capable), of teaching you what you want to learn. Best of luck, and have fun. 8)


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