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New guitar: Epiphone J-160E John Lennon

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Wes Inman
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I've never used a DI box with my Ovation acoustic/electric, but according to this article, it is a good idea:

You might also want to look into a soundhole plug to enable you to play at higher volumes without feedback.

Soundhole Plug

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yes. by all means DI into a PA. I was so amazed at how much better my Martin sounded thru a PA than my Vibrolux. of course, the Vibrolux is not an acoustic amp.
the PA eliminated feedback and it gave my guitar the same sound one hears when played by pros.
I heard a well balanced sound with each string being articulate. it was cool.
you can still use your on board controls too.

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Cool, I will definitely do that. I'm concerned about the staticky buzz from my AC30 but I didn't notice it at the acoustic show the other night when plugged into the PA through a DI box then.


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