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notation question

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i'm reading tablature for a song in an old Guitar World Acoustic and don't know what the following notation means...


can anyone tell me what the slashes after the 1 and before the 9 mean?

there are other instances in different songs that have a note, the a backslash, then a rest

------5 ------------

Thanks in advance for any help with this!!

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Slashes, in tablature and notation (not chord notation) are usually indications of slides. " / " means sliding up (towards the body of the guitar) to the note at the target fret on the same string and " " means sliding down (towards the neck) on the string. Often there might be a note in parenthesis to give you a starting point. "(3) / 5," for example, would mean starting at the third fret and then sliding up to the fifth fret. If there is no indicated starting (or ending) note, then it's up to the guitarist's discretion.

The rest (in your second example) doesn't have anything at all to do with the slide notation. It's just an innocent bystander :wink:

Hope this helps.