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Phantom Instuments

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Now here is an interesting thing that I wonder if other people have ever come across. Sometimes when I make recordings there are certain harmonic (for the want of a better word) noises that resonate out and sound like another instrument, I call them phantom instruments. For example in this song

at 1:36 you would swear that there was a percussion instrument there that makes the “magic spell” sound ( I don't know what that instrument is called). It's bizarre that it's in there and is probably due to bad fretting or strumming or something. It's even stranger when the noise actually enhances the song like this one

at 1:22 you would swear that there is a drummer tapping the top of the ride cymbal, but there isn't its just the high e string doing its thing.

Now although both of those songs have had a couple of simple effects applied ( reverb & compression) the phantoms existed in the Dry mix as well.
Has anybody else had this type of experience?


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