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Playing songs

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Hello everyone.

I've been playing the guitar for about 1.5 years now. I play all kinds of styles - from metal to classic. I'm not very good but I'm getting better :wink: .

So, I have a problem. I can imrovise fairly well, but when it comes to playing songs it gets a bit more complicated. Firstly, it's difficult to learn them by heart. Takes me lot of time and gets me pissed off :x sometimes, and in the end I still end up missing out some parts when playing. Secondly, when playing most songs they don't sound as whole-hearted. Only a few sound real good(Yesterday, Is there anybody out there, Baby I'm gonna leave you).

So, could you give me some advice on learning songs? It seems that the better I know the song the better I can play it(not technique but the feeling). But it really takes a long time to learn a song that good. So, could you tell me some techniques on memorising?

Thank you.

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The only advice I can give you is to play along with stuff, don't just take tabs as gospel, because they're often wrong. And don't just learn fragments, learn the whole tune.

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You say you haven't been able to get the feeling of the music you can't play as well, and that's important, maybe burn a cd or get an mp3 player which will allow you to listen to them more and more, the more you listen to them, the easier it is to learn.

Another idea maybe finding a teacher or someone, not neccesarily to give you straight up lessons, but to teach you songs.

And don't feel stupid, move around, it helps you get into it.

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I totally agree with the move around part. I remember playing for 3 hours just improvisng stuff to the main riff on Dream Theaters "In the Name of God". When learning it, its tough to get the emotions behind the song becuase you are so focused on playing it, but if you can, try to forget about the part and rock to the music. So lock your door and start rocking out.

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