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Playing the harmonica

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I recently bought a harmonica and have been playing along with some rock and blues tracks: mostly blues based zeppelin and lynard skynard songs. My question is that i mostly just wail on the harmonica without knowing anything, it sounds good to me but i want to learn different melodies and how to ACTUALLY play it... but I can't find any decent (or free) websites on it, does anyone have some tips or links or anything i could try?!? thanks.


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Buy a book Or better yety hit the library mines got crap loads of books on the "mouth harp".

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Sorry I can't be of help but, Nick posted a good link alittle while back.

Hopefully he'll show up with the link.

Sorry to put you on the spot Nick.

Edit: I think hueseph just posted it. We posted around the same time.

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That's the one.

Now I have to break out my harmonicas. I just got out my banjo the other day. Heck I need to create a new website.

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Now where are my gol-danged washboard and jaw harp ... If I caint find the real thangs, gonna hafta use my trusty Line6 county collection modeler.

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A great harp community can be found at
It is run by a champion irishman named Seamus (pronnounced Shame-us)
There are lessons, riffs, tabs and a forum etc. Head over and tell em dave_oz sent you. If you end up becoming a "member" and there is never ANY pressure to do so, you can join in on the live jam sessions we have and listen to other players etc.
There are players from Australia, USA, the UK and Europe etc, its a really friendly place with plenty willing to help and offer advice if requested.

Harp on mate

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