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Positive Reinforcement plz :)

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Ok, When I sit down to start playing I'll pull out my clapton unplugged music book and start practicing, Ive been playing for over 2 yrs now and suddenly I feel like Its not hard to play some of these songs "when just reading it out of the book" which is what i think the problem is. (I feel like ne body could do that just pick/strum the strings it tells you to) So right now I dont feel like Im doing ne thing particularly tough.

Say, tears in heaven for example...Although Ive memorized most of it by now I feel like its not a tough song to play if youre just "reading and playing" so I start to think if youve never pickeed up a guitar before you could start playing it as long as you had some tablature knowledge.

Im sure I could be completely ridiculous nonesense but...I dono

help? :cry:

What do you ppl consider some of claptons songs in diffuculty jus curious. (intermediate, ez, impossible? :wink: )

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I don't think you can learn anything from just reading a tab, unless you've heard it played and know what it's supposed to sound like.

One of the first things I learned was the version of "Walking Blues" on Clapton's "Unplugged," which he took pretty much note for note from Muddy Waters' "Feel Like Going Home." Like all good blues, it's elegantly simple. Learning to play it's not hard. Learning to play it well can take a long time.

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