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quality guitar lead

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First of all I'll say I am in no way affiliated with lava cables nor have I ever bought any from him as I use cheap cables from Music Center Canada.
But I will say from what I have read about the lava cables and the other brands of cables that Lavaman makes they appear to be of equal or greater quality soundwise and durability wise as monster. Plus the lava cables are cheaper with a lifetime warranty(Plus everyone should learn how to solder anyway in the event of an emergency). Plus just as an observation expensive big company <insert product here> is very rarely better then stuff produced by smaller companies.

So in summary I do not use these cables but I have little doubt that Lava Cables surpass monster cables in most if not all ways, and its obvious you missed that the cables come with a lifetime warranty just like the monsters.

Daniel Lioneye
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I ordered the monster cable (12 foot), look forward to testing it out and hope it is as good as Monster says it is. I figure $40 isn't too much if its the last cable i have to buy (lifetime warranty). I will say in my opinion, that a lifetime guarantee from a small business isn't as good as one from a bigger one. Chances are, a small business won't be around as long as a big business, but you never know.

oh and thanks alot for all of your input

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