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Quality On-Stage Tuner

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Hey guys...I'm looking into buying a tuner to use on-stage in a professional setting. So far I'm considering the Boss TU-2 and the Korg DR-10. Are there any other tuners I should consider, and is there really much of a difference between the Boss and the Korg besides price? (comes out to about a $15 difference in the Korg's favor, including power supply, on Musician's Friend)

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Check out the Fender PT-100. Ive been very pleased with it. Check MF or similar for good price.

here's a link to fender's website description:


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I also really like my PT-100. Fairly cheap and has two outputs. One mutes and the other lets everything through.


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I bought Jasen's other PT-100 and have been very pleased. The display is big and bright and overall very well made. I would buy again, plus, Jasen gave me a great deal. Thanks again.


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I have owned the Boss TU2 for about 6 years and I love it. The readout is very bright and easy to see in the dark. It has all sorts of tuning options. I just use Chromatic. But you can select downtunings, it will tune a bass guitar, etc... Very versatile.

The mute feature is great. There is nothing worse than listening to someone tune between songs. The TU2 will mute while you tune. It is perfectly quiet when you step on it to bring your guitar back.

The best feature is the daisy-chain cable you can buy optional. You can power 9 other pedals I believe. I have used it to power many various pedals, Arion, DOD, Danelectro, etc... and it worked perfect for all of them.

I also bought the DC adaptor. I do not like batteries, too expensive and you never know when one will decide to go dead. So I like the adaptor.

This pedal is very well built. I have never had a problem with it and I use it all the time.

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+1 on the Boss TU2...

I used to use a Korg rack mount tuner, but I've used only the Boss for two or three years. And using it with the daisy chain cable is an extra bonus.

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Another Yay on the TU-2. Love it.

I have one heard compelling arguement for the fender however: If you play outdoors much, you may want the fender. In the Boss, the off-tune lights are red, in-tune is green. That light configuration is switched in the fender. From what I understand, Green is easier to see in bright sunlight. Not personally confirmed but a guy I trust says go fender for outdoor gigs.