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Rolled Fretboard Edges

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I have noticed that some newer guitars, especially fenders, have rolled fretboard edges. Seems smoother and rounder along the edge of the fretboard so it doesn't cut into your had as much. Is there a way to have this done to the les paul that I have?

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If you have a typical bound-neck LP, there is probably no way to roll the edges significantly. Nevertheless, you may be able to slightly smooth the edges of the binding if they are unduly sharp. Gibby installed the binding and filed it to shape after the frets were installed. A little more shaping with a file or the right sand paper (on a block) probably wouldn't hurt anything.

If you have an unbound neck (IIRC, LP Junior, The Paul) -- then possibly, but you might easily do some damage, plus it might require a bit of post-shaping re-finishing work. Also, you must determine if there is actually enough neck width to round. Tricky business, unless one is skilled with wood and finishing -- a Fender neck may be replaced; a LP neck is pretty much for life.


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Well thats actually one of the uses of binding, it makes it very smooth. If it is bound, then it should be smooth, and if not, I'm not sure, but maybe you can have it bound?