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Techniques with feedback anyone?

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"You can achieve feedback at any volume level."

? Never heard that one before...oh yea my Roland Microcube gets feedback like you wouldn't believe :roll:
"If you drive 100 watt amp into a dummy load, line out into Eq, into effects processors, into another Eq, into a power amp with attenuators, into speaker cabinets."

huh? The topic was about real feedback (as in volume and air has to be moving to generate it) and I brought up simulated feedback..wait, no someone mentioned the ebow first...what are you talking about?

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I'm talking about achieving controlled feedback at any volume. There will be times when you can't have your amp running at its saturation point in a small venue. Your going to need something between your amp and speakers. (attenuator). This were when using an all tube amp, eq, and attenuator will allow you to achieve better control of your signal, including getting controlled feedback when needed.

Sure I could turn the volume to all the amps I use till they feedback. The trick is having control of it. If its just feeding back and squealing your sound person will be having a canary. In a studio setting you probably won't get called back. You need to have control of every aspect of your playing.


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