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Well I took my son ...
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Well I took my son to buy a bass and............

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Man that thing screams just sitting there! Nice burst on that one.

I'm going to go look up a Telecaster Bass.

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SWEET guitar!

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Very nice. Is that MIM Standard? I have the Midnight Wine version, and love it. Welcome to the Tele club!

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Thanks again for the good thoughts. I'm so stoked about this purchase, just can't stop playing it. 8)

DCMarshall, yeah man thats a mim Standard, the Midnight Wine would have been my second choice, that's a nice finish too. The Amp is made in USA. 1992 from what I can work out.

The lad got an Ibanez RD300, he's saving for a bigger amp already!!!! Good on him too.....I'd rather see him spend his loot on hard rocking hardware than on, well anything else really :P (except education of course)

I'll post a pic of it here soon. My ISP's web server seems to be struggling a bit at the moment.

Okay, server's up...........He loves his bass, and I'm glad he loves it....(that's my amp behind it)

If it's free its for me........... and I'll take three!

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Very nice. Saving for an amp already :)
Hope you both enjoy the gear!

John M

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I just have to say I think it's cool that your son wants to play bass. Good bass players are hard to find because (I think) few people see any potential in a bass guitar, but good bass players can leave guitarists in the dust (see Jack Casady, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle).
Congrats on the guitars!

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I agree on the bass playing.

My son plays the bass very well for only doing it for 2-3 years. He has been coming up with some very cool and melodic things on the bass lately. Since he can actually read music (unlike most of the guitar and bass players in his school) he has kids constantly asking him to join there band. But he is happy now with just playing in a jazz combo.

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