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What do you guys think about ebay auctions?

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I've just bought this:

We'll see if I got another good deal or not.

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I have bought other stuff like pedals and cd's off ebay, and other random stuff, but nothing this expensive, it seems like this one is legit, but now I might think I want to look for a deluxe strat.

Thanks Dudes!
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I've purchased 2 guitars on eBay. I didn't get an amazing deal, but I did get what I wanted, which I couldn't find locally. In both instances, everything was delivered as advertised, and the guitars sound good.


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I buy amps and effects and such off ebay because they arent wood. To buy a guitar I have to play it first, I end up going to the store with 1000bucks in my pocket and leaving with some lame no name brand guitar that I like better than any LP or Strat I could buy for 1 or 2 grand... :) They could sell you a good guitar model that happens to have junk tone... ya never know.


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stick with the stores & always check the feedback. Bought a few things ok but one time got burnt real bad. lost $300. someone had hacked into another's account, I should've seen the writing on the wall when the address was in China but I was a fool. Ebay kindly informed me that there was fraud involved & closed the sale & advised me not to send money but that was 2 days after the auction ended & the money was already sent & no way to get it back even though it was not in their account yet. Despite me giving them & the authorities the person's full name, account #, phone number etc they did nothing about it. I assumed it would be a simple matter of cancelling the transaction seeing as though it wasn't in their account yet but no. Finally ebay did acknowledge it was their fault but after all the costs were taken out I was out of pocket about $250. Beware of any sales in China, they are always either fake or there's nothing to sell, buy from shops or sellers with a long good history.

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