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What songs are you playing / recommending?

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"Glasgow Kiss" by John Petrucci. it reminds my of ireland when i listen to it and it is so much fun to play.

Rock on.

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I think I have the same book. You've inspired me to go back and take a look at the song again. I'm personally not a huge SRV fan but I'd love to be able to play like him or even a few of hs songs.

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My current project is "Over The Hills and Far Away" Led Zep. I've got most of the pieces, I just need to be able to put it all together and at speed.

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right now i'm trying to learn the solo's on the gnr version of knockin on heavens door. Also workin on sweet child of mine, one bar at a time.

on my acoustic i'm working on metalicas nothing else matters. Love the intro.


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"Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd
"More Than A Feeling" Boston
"One" Metallica
"Texas Flood" Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Back in black
Money Pink Floyd
Sunshine of your love cream
Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin

Lots of others on hold or waiting on further improved playing.

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I'm on an Allman Brothers kick right now. I'm working on Blue Sky and can play about 95% of the second solo (Dickey Betts), and have started trying Duane's first solo, which is a little more difficult. I have most of Duane's second solo in In Memory of Elizabeth Reed down, and am working on Dickey's first solo. I'm about to tackle Dreams, which sounds fairly simple to figure out until the second half or so.

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I'm interested in learning more acoustic songs and was wondering what others are playing.

Here's my current list:

Kyptonite by 3 Doors Down
Remedy by Black Crowes
More Than a Feeling by Boston
About a Girl by Nirvana
Driver 8 by REM (thanks David)
How's it Going to Be by Third Eye Blind

I'm currently figuring out Breaking the Girl by RHCP and noticed that the online guitar tabs are WAY off.

What do you play or recommend?


You and me from Lifehouse. excellant song

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Heard the song, "I'd Love to Change the World" yesterday on the radio. I had heard it once a long time ago. I had no idea who it was by, but it really got me goin. After some time searchin I found it was by a band called Ten Years After. I went out and bought ona their CD's today and a lot of the stuff on there sounds familiar. Oh boy, I had that thing blastin today... I was havin a melt-down in my own home... playin along to a couple of the songs like a madman. I really got into it... on my knees in front of my amp at one point, flingin my guitar all round my body. The songs "Love Like a Man", "Choo Choo Mama", and "I'd Love to Change the World" are awesome. I had a pretty bad cut on my index finger on my fretting hand before, and after today it at least doubled in size.

Andy P.

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The Stones song....You Got the Silver.

With a slide....pretty neat.

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