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i just wrapped up over the hills and far away entirely with solo and everything i got the purple haze solo down im kinda in a weird period i dunno what songs to learn next. Im looking for some heavier stuff and more modern like 90s era stuff and suggestions?

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Currently learning:

Horse with No Name (GN Lesson)
Sittin on the Dock of the Bay (GN lesson)
Day Tripper

Dave Hodge does great 'beginner song' lessons. I really enjoy how he starts with basics and then builds on them. My instructor does the same thing.

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Learning to tie my shoelaces

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I'm floundering with "Sweet Little Angel" by BB King, at the moment.
Currently on hold are "Walking by Myself" and "Still Got the Blues for you" by Gary Moore - I'm stuck on the fast bits, so I think I'm going to have to "improvise" those.

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I can finally play blackbird the whole way through! woo 8)

now im workin on:
mood for a day
hey joe (this nice acoustic arrangement i got from this tutorial prog)
and greensleeves (jeff beck version)

and other chordal stuff to improve my chord repertoire


Well, I've had some requests, but I'm going to play anyway.

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Islands in the Sun by Weezer. Love it when it drops into super distortion.

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aroundtheclaxon, how about some classic Ozzy stuff for heavier things?? Solo's are fast, but you can forget solos if you want. For 90's stuff, hmmm Foo Fighters (But I'm biased, on of my fav bands), Nirvana is always fun. Alice in Chains maybe? Probably plenty, try messing around with some John Mayer songs, I know they're for wimps (haha), but they really are complicated, at least all the ones I've tried. They will help with rythm and chord phrasings.

Thanks Dudes!
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1. A solo based on pentatonic scale patterns in the lesson book that I am working from with my teacher.
2. "Locomitive Breath"
3. "Nowhere Man" (EN Lesson)
4. "Casey Jones"



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I've been working on:

"Just" and I'm still working on the solo in "Street Spirit(Fade Out)" by Radiohead

"Stormy Monday", by I shouldn't have to say who.

That's it really, besides some exercises and things.

Yay, first post!

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Last week I learned Shine on you crazy Diamond and Hedrix's Little Wing. This week still up for grabs.

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I'm in flux lately ... which has a double meaning since I've been building my own effect pedals (flux is used in solder).

Songs include:

Peace of Mind by Boston ... 1st solo down, working on 2nd but got bored of the song.
Californication and Under the Bridge by RHCP.
Panama by Van Halen ... a bit busy for guitar.

Old Van Halen is cool ... I may relearn Girl You Really Got Me Now, Ain't Talking
I'm really lazy, however, and don't like to detune my strat. You can play them in standard tuning though.

Aneurysm by Nirvana is awesome and fun to play.
I like the chorus a lot and have thought about writing my own song based on it.
I don't care for the lyrics in the second verse - they are a bit depressing (which is characteristic of Nirvana).

The intro (guitar leads) for Band on the Run could be dialed into memory.

I also plan on changing the strings on my classical to take a break from covers. One string broke.
Unfortunately, I got coated strings ... the coating on the acoustic Elixirs is coming off after only a month.
It violates my theory on changing strings ... never, ever.
My strat has strings that are like 7 years old. A few have worn through the outer winding, though.
Maybe it's about time :D

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I've been trying to work on finger picking some Gordon Lightfoot and Stan Rogers. Since I started guitar a little over a year ago I've been doing almost exclusively strumming songs. But my wife sez I'm waking the baby up too much to I'm switching to fingerpicking for now :) (much quieter)

I don't expect many people to recognize these songs but what the hell...

If you could read my mind (Lightfoot)
Song for a winter night (Lightfoot)
Bitter Green (Lightfoot)
45 Years (Rogers)
Harris and the Mare (Rogers)
The field behind the plow (Rogers) (For my sister - who's a farmer :))


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No one's probably heard this either but-
Candlebox: "10,000 Horses" and "Stone's Throw Away"

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I've just figured out, in Open D, a nice blend of Mississippi Fred McDowell's "You've Got To Move" and Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen," basically the same tune done originally in different keys, that works nicely for either song, as it also does with slight modifications for Tampa Red's "It Hurts Me, Too" or the first-recorded version of that tune, The Mississippi Sheiks' "Sitting On Top Of The World."

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My band has been working on several new songs lately and I really like them.

I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley
One and What's This Life For by Creed
NIB by Black Sabbath

But the song I am really excited about is:

Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple.

Laugh if you want to, this may be the song that has been heard a million times at the music store, but this song ROCKS! I absolutely love it. And we play it pretty darn great. 8)

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