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Wow.....what a find...
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Wow.....what a find.....

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A friend of mine was clearing out the house of an elderly relative recently when he came across a dusty old painting and a slightly tatty guitar.

He was just going to sling them in the skip but his wife insisted that he hold on to them and take them to a local antiques dealer in case they were worth anything. Later that day he took the two items to a local antiques store and the dealer (apparently) seemed quite impressed:

"Well" he said "the good news is that you've found an original Rembrandt and an early Gibson."

"So what's the bad news?" my friend asked.

"Well.....Gibson was a lousy painter and Rembrandt didn't know one end of a guitar from the other!" replied the dealer.


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Rembrandt didn't know one end of a guitar from the other!" replied the dealer.
Neither did Picasso:

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A buddy of mine plays lead guitar in a 1980s cover band (One Louder).

Several years back, a neighbor stopped him on the street and said something like, "You play guitar, right? I've got an old guitar in my closet that my [young relative] left here. I'll let you have it for $25 if you'd like it."

Out comes a bass, spray-painted silver. All of it... Body, neck, fretboard...

So he hands over the money and takes the thing to a luthier who charges him a couple hundred $$ to restore the thing. Bottom line:
it was (is) a 1950s Fender Precision.

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One of my neighbors came by and gave me an uke, i have no idea how to play it, but it is fun to mess around with.

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I picked up a fat-strat copy for AU$90 that was totally trashed, but after $300 and some TLC, its now my main guitar, and not a bad one either :)

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