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The action on my acoustic is too high.
The truss rod's where it should be, as far as I know.
I've sanded the saddle down as far as I'm willing, I don't want to lose tone and sustain.
I can play barre chords OK on other guitars, but I have trouble with this one.
I use medium gauge strings.

Any ideas?
Maybe I just need better finger strength.

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Is the guitar new, if so take it back to the supplier.

Is it used, what does the previous owner say.

What is the measurement from the 12th fret to the string(s).

Is it the original bridge.

Are all the strings the same height.

Is the bridge in the correct place, measure from the nut (or zero fret) to the 12th fret and make sure the bridge is the same distance from the 12th fret.

If you reduce the height of the bridge, make sure it is from the underneath, NOT the top.

Have you got a truss rod in this guitar, you can check the truss rod adjustment by holding down a string at the 1st and last fret and looking at the string height at the 12th fret, it should be ALMOST touching the fret, ie, the neck should be SLIGHTLY concave.