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Building new guitar then this happened. PLEASE HELP.

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I started to build a semi hollow guitar and a big problem occerd after I glued the neck the string hight is 1/4in at 12th fret and goes up from there. The bridge is bottomed out and the first couple frets are just fine but the rest need help. I just want to fix it if you can help please do.

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Could it be that your neck is warped? or twisted? Look down it to see if it's straight with just a hint of a bow upwards around the first position. When you glued the neck on, did it move? You may have to take it back off and reset it.

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Well unless the neck is wicked bowed. [slap a straight edge on it and see. You cant always eyeball it] It sounds like you misset the neck. Your going to need to remove, and recut the neck angle.

Paul B