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Changing nylon stri...
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Changing nylon strings.

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Having just gotten ahole of an old Conrad classical guitar from the 70s, I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a resource or tell me how to gauge when to change strings, along with which types would be recommended and how to change them.

Any other info about classical style guitars would also help.

Thanks. :)

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You should probably change the strings right now for a start. Unless you've already got new ones on there. I'd change them every couple of months, but you could go more or less frequently depending on how often you play. If the wound strings start to sound and look dull it's definitely time to change.

It's pretty easy to change them. You'll want to take the old ones off (of course) first. You can either loosen them and take them off or clip them, although you'll probably want to take some of the tension off first. I like to keep them intact and save them for a while so I can put one back on if I break a string and need a replacement.

Here are instructions for putting the new strings on.

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I change mine every three months whether they need it or not (and they usually do).

Hannabach make the best strings IMHO. D'Addario make an acceptable second-best choice.


A :-)

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I always use D'Addario on mine. My hands sweat allot when I play so I ussually change em about every two monthes. The regular nylon strings ussually dont need replacing very often, its the wound ones that get all the crap built up on em. I'd like to be able to say I can wait 2 monthes before changing the strings on my esp though :)

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I find Savarez' really are nice strings. They're pricey but there is a difference in intonation and are actually easier to play. I used to change my strings once a month but now I do it every three or so.

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Well , i use Galli hard tension strings or alice normal tension.It all depends.many times my bass strings break especially the D one.But i take it back and put it again, till it get too short.It sound good then too.I play a yamaha classical and boy its amazing 8)

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Definately go with the sound of it. You'll know when it's dull and ready for a change.

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