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Custom pickguards and DIY graphics

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Hi all,
I've got a strat copy that I love to bits, so much so that I bought another guitar so I could double that love lol. Turns out I dont like the Epi SG sound or balance much at all. So now I'm considering customising my strat because its got a nice size pickguard and I'm not fussed about the colour (although it does go nice with the wood):

I was browsing around looking for a custom pick guard service and found this -
They allow you to send in your own designs/photos or whatever and will create a custom pickguard for whatever you need. Well this is right up my alley, because it means I can take that tortoise shell pickguard off and personalise my favourite guitar. I'm thinking of getting a glow guard too, probably yellow or red to go with the wood colours. My girlfriend thinks it might make the guitar look corny or tacky, but I think it all depends on what the design is.

I'm thinking something slightly psychedelic with images of either Egyptian art, or mythical and spiritual like a coiled serpent and pentagram with bursting sun rays or something. Then I can use the glow as part of the design rather than just a glow for the hell of it. The glow is secondary to the design though, and I'm aware how bad I could make this guitar look, but I'm pretty good with art packages and 3D modelling etc. and the opportunity for personalisation is just too great!

Oh, and for the record from another thread in this forum, I am probably going to use the Aum/Om symbol somewhere on this guitar. Many people said it has no place on a guitar, but Aum is the sound of creation, what better symbol for a guitar!

Heres an example of some art I did for my avatar on another spritual forum:

Does anyone have any customised guitar pickguards they've designed or have any stories or advice on this?

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no customized stories here. has clear pickguards for guitars. with that you are half way there.

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They did a pickguard for me, look under the Engraved section:

"Page created by The Guitar. Man Jeannie Pickguards. We build custom parts to personalize your guitar. If you come up with an idea for a pickguard we'll make it for you."

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These are undoubtedly the best guys for pickguard customization:

they have 3 pages of designs! And even then if you don't see what you want you can send them an image and they'll custom make one for you.

I just got a custom pickguard from them for my Tele and it looks awesome - the psychedellic eye one on a teal body, I'm super happy.