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Gibson Les Paul - How did this happen?

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Hi all

Just found my prized Les Paul Classic 62 cherry sunburst with the neck split at the base of the headstock, as if it has either broken under the tension of the strings or has been dropped or bashed at the front of the stock. There is no sign of impact at the front as far as I can see.

How could this have happened? It was just sitting on its stand.

I'm pretty upset about it, and I would welcome views.



Ps. I've got a pic on my phone but I can't work out how to post it. Any ideas about that?

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I believe that in order to post an image on this forum one needs to post the image on a hosting site or personal web page & link to it via the Img or URL button (std BB Code stuff...just insert the image URL).

I'd be interested in seeing pics of the actual break. FWIW, not uncommon at all for a LP to fracture at the point you describe. Usually due to a fall or a bump but... Weak point on the neck. That said, it's usually not a difficult repair & there are an awful lot of LP's playing well today that have said repair.

If it's just a crack, a lot of times the repair person will inject glue into the split, clamp & pretty much done. Often the joint doesn't even require refinishing. If the break is more extensive or is more of a right angle snap that doesn't have a lot of surface area, it'll require routing channels and installing reinforcing splines (wood) in the back of the neck & some area refinishing.

On an original '62 this is a heart-skipper but not a huge problem. Any decent tech can knock this out & have you back good as new (better some might say) in short order & not a whole lot of $$$.