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i bought a 60th anniversary mim factory special run tele. i love this axe , but i dont think the stock pups are as good as this guitar looks. im thinking of installing vintage noisless fenders. what do you guys think?

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what are you playing it thru?
what kind of tone do you prefer?
have you tried some effects?

some people like the Tex-Mex, like on the Nashville deluxe.


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... and I love the Duncan Tele pups that came on the Lite Ash Tele -- especially the neck pup, which is round and full, with just enough spank to say "Tele." They are available from SD ... but these are not noiseless. Also FWIW, the Duncans are much better than the Guitar Fetish Fat(boy?) Tele pups I bought for my other Tele. (Ended up replacing the Guitar Fetish neck pup with a P90!) The Duncans also cost twice as much.

link to Duncan Alnico II Pro Tele pups:

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Replace them with Fender American std. pups, a set can be had on Ebay for 40-45$. It will wake it up, worked for me and my tele is the first guitar I haven't put SD's in.