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Paint Stripping

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that thing for dinged areas wet rag or hot iron to pull out that dents is that just to raise the grain of crushed wood?
That's exactly what it does. Best way is to put a wet cloth over the ding and touch a hot iron or soldering iron to the rag to steam the dent. I have a favorite old rifle I need to do that with. Got badly dinged up from being stacked under another one, both in soft cases. The bolt knob of the other one pressed dents in the wood stock.

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Looks pretty from the pic, real nice! As for the dents, yes the steaming method raises the crushed wood fibers. There are quite a few resources on this method that you can find on google, etc,

I've used it on guitars, furniture, etc, Just be careful not to overdo it, burn the wood. Follow the instruction found on the websites. :)

*Yep, works on rifles too! I used it on an old .303 British I have; The gun isn't really worth much, but I just wanted to experiment!

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how rare and beautitful. I cannot figure outy why someone painted over that wood!

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Congratulations! Just be careful at this point and take your time when you refinish it. Plan ahead and do it right!

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Well i'm kinda stuck i've heard everywehre that spraying the guitar is the most critical stage and you must do it in a place with normal tempreture and hang it to dry and such. problem is i dont have a garage. There is an undercover area that well protected, but still not sure about it i'll be moving in a 3 or 4 months and specifically looking for a place with garage. Though i can do other stuff to the guitar now like sanding and wood work stuff i was originally thinking of staining it then have it burst to black to cover the change between the top to alder but i could add cream purfling and possibly some inlay on the headstock(the headstock has nothing on it). i've been looking at prs's with the tiger strip finish and i've basically found 3 i like

you opinions and or suggestions about what i should do next would be would be much appreciated you have helped me alot

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