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Re-stringing proble...
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Re-stringing problem

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I just replaced my strings and the string height seems to be too high above keyboard, do I need a neck adjustment ?

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If it's an acoustic guitar, check the bow of the neck. If it's underbowed (neck is bending away from strings) tighten the truss rod a few quarter turns. If the frets are buzzing, good chance that the neck is overbowed...loosen the truss rod just until it stop buzzing when you play.

Not sure how to adjust the neck on an electric.

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Adjusting the truss rod works the same way on electrics as acoustics. There are different types of truss rods on both, but the principles are basically the same. If you've not done it before, you may want to take it into the shop and ask if you can watch. There are a bunch of good instructional sites that will teach you how to do it online. I often refer to

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Was it too high before you replaced the strings? Did you replace the strings with the same size strings? If it was fine before and you used the same size strings then it's probably not a truss rod adjustment but instead something shifted during the string changing (TOM bridge moved, acoustic saddle shifted, trem is out of whack, etc.).

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