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Replaced strings for the first time today...thanks Nils

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WHAT a difference in the sound!! Even to my inexperienced ear! Thanks NILS for the walk-through post.. :)

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Great, your welcome. I am glad it worked for you. Always a nice feeling to get through this major step.

Welcome to GN. Enjoy your ride into the world of guitar.

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Good Work Sarge!

ahhhh I still remember the first time I changed the strings on my old stage, I wasn't nervous about doing it like allot of people tend to do (I still don't know why it is, guess people just love there guitars more than I did when I first got it?) just cut em off and got to it :). Then after I messed it up I learned the proper way of doing it by a friend. It's a good feeling when you can do all of the maintenance and most of the repairs to your guitar yourself, cuz nowadays I don't trust my children in the hands of strangers :)

Welcome to GN!

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