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Strat: Cracks in fi...
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Strat: Cracks in finish near neck join

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I suspect this may be a common issue as I have seen a few examples. (1980s Squier Korean Strats)

Cracks in finish on the body, starting at the point where the neck is bolted on and running away from this point.

The cracks themselves don't worry me, but I would like to know:

How common is this?

What is the usual cause?

Are the cracks likely to be in the finish only (and not the body itself)?

Are the cracks a warning about further trouble on the horizon?

What can be done to prevent further damage?

Any help on any of the above questions would be greatly appreciated.


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I think this problem is fairly common. I've seen a ton of neck-pocket cracks. Most are not an issue. I don't know the reason they creep in, or how to prevent them, but I don't think it is anything to worry about as long as the cracks are small and don't get any larger.

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Good onya mate! Thanks for the tip....may astonishing phrases fall beneath your fingers unexpectedly!