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Teisco/Silvertone parts?

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I've stumbled across a mid '60s Teisco/Silvertone guitar that I'm thinking about buying in a local thrift store. (Teisco MJ-2 or Silvertone 1435 as best as I can tell )

It's cheap enough to buy as a fun repair project, but I'm wondering where to get parts.
Does anyone make reproduction or compatible parts these days, or would I have to find someone with another one to strip for parts?

Here's the guitar body and head

Clearly, if I do this, I'll need at least 1 tuner, and a bridge. If I want it to look original, I'd also need a trem cover.

Any ideas?

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The only place I have found any parts is ebay for an old Teisco body I have. The key thing IMO is the condition of the neck. Is there fretboard wear, will it need refretting, or maybe a new fretboard? It's a bolt on, but the Teisco neck pocket is more narrow than a Fender neck, so a replacement neck is hard to come by. If all is well with the neck and you only need one tuner, then you might find some originals. They are probably open back. It might be better to replace them anyway. Good luck.

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I don't know if he sells parts but there is a guitar store / luthier that deals in old low end proletarian (as he calls them) guitars. Subway Guitars in Berkeley CA sells Teiscos, Danelectros, etc. He may also sell parts but I'm not sure.


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My younger brother had one of those when we were kids. Exactly the same, but his was red. Eventually, he gave it to another brother, who then kluged in some humbuckers. What a shame. For years, I had been trying to get that Teisco/Silvertone and the silverface VibroChamp from them. But now ... too late. :cry:

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Hey Kent,

Nice find!

I have an old early 60's Harmony guitar - GREAT tone!

The one at the thrift store has a very odd trem/bridge system.
It doesn't match either of the other two.
Not saying that it isn't one of those.... just that they seem to have a variety of trem/bridge options.

There is a new Harmony guitar company that makes some of the vintage guitars.
You could prob. pick up a set of Klusons from them....

Here's one of the vintage models - not what you're looking at, though perhaps you could see if that trem and bridge will
work on the one you're looking at....?
(If this link is just a general one, the guitar I was looking at was the H-82 Rebel)

Good luck,
and keep us posted if you do get it (I would.... vintage Silvertones are going for 600-900 bucks these days, as well
as being darn COOL!)


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He who hesitates is lost :cry:

After doing some additional online searching for parts (roller bridge and 4+2 tuners from Guitarfetish, about $45), I returned to the thrift store to buy the guitar...
And they'd already sold it! :cry:

Oh well, the next time I find one, I'll know that parts do exist, and I'll know not to hesitate.

Thanks for the input.

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