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Misty - Collings 01ASB

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This is my arrangement of the great Erroll Garner standard. This time i'm using a Collings O1ASB....thanks so much for watching!

Posted : 01/02/2010 12:22 am
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I enjoyed it very much. It a great take on a classic.

-- Rob

Posted : 01/02/2010 1:02 am
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I could be watching your videos all the day. I was comparing this video with a previous recording of the same song with a Collings electric. You technique is awesome.

Thank you very much Dale!

Posted : 01/02/2010 7:43 am
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Incredible Dale!!!

In Space, no one can hear me sing!

Posted : 01/02/2010 11:18 am
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a sincere thanks for your kind comments and taking your time to listen! Hope this finds everyone very well......dale.

Posted : 02/02/2010 3:11 pm
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wow. sometimes i watch a video and think, " i can do/nearly do that", and then sometimes i watch a video and i have absolutely no idea what the person is doing, and it reminds me much i have still to learn. This was one of those videos, it was superb.

the tapped harmonics we great - im not sure how people do those on an acoustic guitar. does the quality of the acoustic matter for that, or should you be able to play them on any acoustic guitar?

"I like to play that guitar. I have to stare at it while I'm playing it because I'm not very good at playing it."
Noel Gallagher (who took the words right out of my mouth)

Posted : 04/02/2010 8:11 pm
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i think any acoustic will do - if the action is really low it gets a bit tricky. Thanks for your kind post and i hope this finds you very well,

Posted : 05/02/2010 1:20 am