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My first near-acape...
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My first near-acapella song, run while you still can!

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As silly as it might sound but I did try my best:

Singing is scary, singing five tracks without any instruments is scarier. :shock:

Posted : 06/12/2006 4:43 pm
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It's a cool idea! You filled the gaps with interesting sounds and you handled the effects really well. The mix sounded really good too.

Other than that, you're not normal. Don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise. :lol:

Posted : 06/12/2006 8:55 pm
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Umm... I think Mike said it all! :P 8)

Very original Arjen. I really enjoy your stuff. :D


"The only way I know that guarantees no mistakes is not to play and that's simply not an option". David Hodge

Posted : 07/12/2006 12:34 am
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Great stuff, Arjen. It was obvious from many of your posts that you are musically knowledgeable, but I was surprised at how talented you are as well. You come across as confident, but modest, but you have awesome ability. Not all of your stuff is my style of music, but I can certainly appreciate your talent. That said, I'm also impressed at you diverse your recordings are. Nice job!

"There won't be any money. But when you die, on your death bed, you will receive total conciousness. So, I got that going for me. Which is nice." - Bill Murray, Caddyshack ~~ Michigan Music Dojo - ~~

Posted : 13/12/2006 2:15 pm
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That's it! No more heroin for Arjen! LOL That's awesome! Totally enjoyed it!

Posted : 13/12/2006 7:34 pm
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Cool idea! Bobby McFarren move over!

What does the title translate to in English?

Posted : 14/12/2006 12:37 am
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Mike: don't worry, I don't listen to the voices in my head no matter what they say. ;)

MrJonesey: Thanks! I'm not really sure if all my music is actually my style of music either but I never really gave it much thought. I'm just trying as much different kinda things to fill 'musical toolbox' I guess. It means that some songs IMHO sound 'less' then what one could expect from someone who's been going for over three years (this song for example obviously doesn't require three years of practice) but it does allow me to learn a lot faster then if I'd just stick with one genre. I don't use the best ideas I get, I keep them in my head until the toolbox is totally filled. In other words diversity is a means insetad of a goal for me. I might just end up writing German schlagers exclusively. :D

Brothaweed: Thanks! And no heroin for me, I'm Dutch but not that Dutch. :P

Colorado: Never heared of that guy. I did find a certain Bobby McFerrin who I don't know either. According to wikipedia his biggest hit was covered in Dutch by another guy I don't know. Sounds interesting, I'm going to look for some of his music. The title is kinda hard to translate.

"What loop je nou te 'verb?'" means "What are you 'verb'?". "Eikelen" isn't an official Dutch word though, it's a slang verb derived from the noun 'eikel', which means 'nut of an oaktree' (no idea what you people call it) or in slang either means an 'unkind person' when in used in singular form or refers to a man's testicles when used in plural "eikels". As a verb it kinda means 'to mess/fool/jerk around'. So it kind of translate to "What are you messing around?". It's what a friend asked me when he heared it before I uploaded it. So I recorded me imitating him and titled it as such. :D

Posted : 14/12/2006 6:33 pm
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:shock: what can i say :?: ummm oh yeh !! its the year 3300 8) 8) 8) smoke


Posted : 15/12/2006 11:28 am