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my first song - first record

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Hey, I recorded my first song. Its totally acoustic guitar for now untill I have writen some lyric. This is just a basic "draw" so to speak, so I would like to hear some suggestions about what I can add/change. Note that there is a little mistake somewere in the beginning and that it is recorded with my mp3 player so it is not a hi-Q mp3.


(you have to wait a couple seconds for the download to start)

Posted : 08/06/2007 1:19 pm
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Its nicely played. Like the sound of the chords. Are you playing sus chords ? The arpeggio you play is very soothing.

Try to get a little more consistency in your right hand. But don't worry, that will come with practice.

Keep playing and recording. This is the best way to make a self-assessment. After 6 months or so, you will be surprised how much you have improved.

Thanks for sharing,


Posted : 08/06/2007 6:22 pm
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well I dont know what chords they are but what I do is I make a C chord shape and move it to the third fret and start arpegiating and then I strum the chord and move to the G chord on the fifth fret. As for the "chorus" I play the E chord but only use my first and third finger and start wit first fret then go up to 7 and 8.

thanks for the comment,


Posted : 08/06/2007 7:23 pm
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It seems very minimalist. I like it! :D

I agree with Rahul, keep playing and recording. When you hear your recordings you can also detect those things you like or not and also compare with your future and current playing.

I like the arpeggiate part as intro, the middle could break the rhythm. I don't know if you are trying that effect. I also detect some tempo problems in it.

And an advice. As you started to record, get an account in or a similar site! :D

Thanks for sharing,

Posted : 08/06/2007 9:19 pm
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I really like this piece. your playing is good.
the tension and release feeling from the chord changes
work well as your rhythm playing moves things along.
I like the nod to the Minimalist Movement in art.
there is an abstract or surreal quality in the piece.
maybe it is because I could not put my finger on the chord names.yes, go post at

Posted : 08/06/2007 11:59 pm