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our 1st tune - &quo...
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our 1st tune - "holding that feeling"

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My mate and I were jamming this weekend and decided to write a chord progression with a melody, "Holding that feeling" is what we came up with, there's a link to it on my homepage if anyone wants to have a listen.

I played the main rythmn guitar, my mate Pete(twangy) played an acoustic sounding guitar, while my brother Paul played Bass and wrote the lyrics.

The only thing is...none of us can sing to save our lives, so the melody is on guitar, and there's a link to the lyrics on the homepage too.
(so if anyone would like to sing the lyrics and send me an mp3!!) :-)

This is our first attempt at getting something down on my home recording BR1180, so any comments good or bad would be gratefully received and welcome.


Posted : 17/10/2004 9:13 am
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Good job on the recording. You play well together. It might be "just" straightforward pop, but the laid-back groove really makes it work. With a good, interesting vocal, you've got a keeper. Might encourage the bass to solo during the break ... or maybe some organ, if you can find someone to do it. Not sure if you intend this, but I'd keep the guitar melody going even with the vocal during at least some of tune. The doubling could work nicely if not overdone.

Love to hear it again with the vocals ...


-=tension & release=-

Posted : 18/10/2004 12:40 pm
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thanks Greg,

I think that break with no bass, was deliberate for the bass player to stop playing so that way he can do a roll up! lol....:-)

Good idea with the doubling of guitar and vocal melody, that would remind me of something Hendrix used to do a lot and does sound good.

If we can find someone to sing I will post a link again.

Cheers for listening and giving your welcome feedback.

Posted : 18/10/2004 3:20 pm